AngleSharp™ Perfect Knife Sharpening Angle Guider

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Do you take care of your knives and have trouble keeping them consistently sharp? Many knives tend to dull overtime due to imperfections in the sharpening angles, causing them to wear much faster as you use them. This damages your knife over time, and getting the correct angle isn't easy.

AngleSharp™ ensures that you sharpen your knife at the correct angle everytime!
AngleSharp™ slipes onto the back of your knife as you work the blade at a consistent 15 Degree Angle on both sides of your knife, bringing your knife sharpening to perfection.

-Sharpen less: Stops your knife from dulling faster due to bad sharpening
-Save Time: AngleSharp™ helps you sharpen faster without trying to perfect your angle.
-Gives your knife the perfect maintenance!

Length: 10cm

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